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NPPF Colony - Project 14

NPPF Colony 14

Twin Duplex located near NPPF colony next to Thai Consulate Office. The twin duplexes were in ‘HIGH DEMAND” “ALL ARE SOLD”. If you need a similar one “you can opt to 4 (2)BUY at PR-15 locate...

Location: NPPF Colony, Thimphu,

Type: Luxury Duplexes


Dhakarling (Kabisa)

Individual Duplexes located on the hills of Kabisa, viewing the lustful paradise of Himalayas, keeping the village beneath it. This place will be your ideal gateway to escape the pressure of city wher...

Location: Dhakarling, Kabisa, Thimphu Bhutan, Thimphu

Type: Luxury Duplexes


Hongkong Market -Project no.16

It is located in Hongkong Market near Pema sales..18 rooms hotel...

Location: ,

Type: Commercial


Babesa 12a

Low Priced Three Bedroom Apartments ” Check it out and have one bookedforyourself at pre sale price. The prices will be revised very soon and it’s expected to be at par with the other three bedroo...

Location: Babesa, Thimphu

Type: Residential Apartments


Babesa 12b

Just the right type of apartment for simple living facing charismaticstatueof Buddha. These apartments have been designed for small families. “Two Bedroom with two toilets”...

Location: Babesa, Thimphu Bhutan, Thimphu

Type: Residential Apartments

Motithang 15

“Homes “ next to Ministers Enclave. Three bedrooms and Duplex type apartment with internal staircase. Similar type of Sample homes also available at Project 14 near NPPF colony...

Location: Motithang, Near to Minister\'s Enclave, Thimphu

Type: Residential Apartments


Changtagang 10

“Large and luxurious apartments at Low price” . Payable in longer-term installments. Away from the town and if you wish to own a home in Thimphu at the lowest cost, this would be most suitable one...

Location: Changthang, Kabisa, Thimphu Bhutan, Thimphu

Type: Residential Apartments


Chang Gedaphu 13

“Admirable Homes overseeing the entire Thimphu valley” Just above the Adult and Higher Education. changgedhaphu-13A conclave of beautiful spacious three and four bedrooms apartments. Next to Hospi...

Location: Chang Gedaphu, Thimphu

Type: Residential Apartments


Ready to live in apartment

Situated in upper motithang in the capital city is the ready to live apartment from GRED. It is located just below motithang High School and has ATM, Petroleum and other necessary services within its ...

Location: Below Motithang School, Thimphu Bhutan, Thimphu

Type: Residential Apartments


Babesa 7

If you are looking at Thimphu in next few years, we would recommendyou to buy a home or a commercial space in this building. A commercial building . We are selling the space at residential value. Two ...

Location: Babesa, Thimphu Bhutan, Thimphu

Type: Residential & Commercial

gred projects

Sold Projects

Sold Projects: - Project 1, Changgangkha, 8 Apartments - Project 2, Above Bouleverad Road, 12 Apartments - Project 4 & Project 5 Chubachu, 6 Apartments in each building - Project 8, Motithang, 8 Apart...

Location: Thimphu Bhutan, Thimphu

Type: Residential & Commercial

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