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About Us

GRED Pvt Ltd now popularly known as “GRED” or “Gyelsa-Tewa” in the market has built and delivered hundreds of homes in the capital city of Thimphu. Our office is at “SHEAREE SQUARE” on the fourth floor. Come and see us, we have a well motivated team filled with energy and happiness. GRED is the pioneer in Real estate market in Thimphu and is focused in delivering homes to suit the needs of our buyers. We now have the experience of what is expected from the buyers and we deliver them accordingly. The team provides you with different kind of schemes and you can opt for your payment scheme. We provide a year back up service after delivery of your apartment/homes. We work to satisfy our clients and leave them with a Smile.

Buying a home can be an exciting one and yet complex adventure. In this search a question “why buy from GRED”.


Why GRED ?

  1. GRED is registered Real Estate Pvt Ltd Company under license No: 1020853.
  2. GRED is the pioneer in Real Estate Business in Bhutan and has delivered over one hundred apartments in the capital city.
  3. GRED assures you of an apartment ownership certificate .
  4. GRED understands the client’s requirements.
  5. GRED allows you for customization of your home.
  6. GRED gives you a wide choice of homes from a two bedroom apartment to a luxurious duplex.
  7. GRED is fair in making you buy your home at costs par with other customers within a given time frame.
  8. GRED provides you with different schemes which makes it easier and also gives you different options for payment.
  9. GRED provides you a one year free services after taking over of apartment.
  10. GRED forms a condominium, makes it easier for managing and maintaining the building.
  11. GRED is flexible in allowing you to change your apartments within the GRED Projects.
  12. GRED also offers you buy back policy within certain period and time.
  13. GRED works with a vision to fulfill the expectations of the customers and has a team to attend to all the needs of our customers.
  14. GRED holds a high financial discipline with all the banks, investors and customers.
  15. GRED projects are spread over the core areas within the capital city where there is maximum demand of property and have experienced maximum appreciation of property.
  16. GRED has fulfilled its mandate of deploying a team of experienced builders and engineers.
  17. GRED has been recorded as the highest registered home suppliers and has many ongoing projects to keep GRED as the best and most preferred home suppliers.
  18. GRED is the best place to make an investment which guarantees fast and best returns.
  19. GRED provides maximum pre-sales which wherein purchases are made from the time a Project is started , as the Project progresses prices keep escalating and GRED has not seen any apartments left for sale by the time it is complete. Customers benefit the cost escalation. We have many customers who ask us if we have ready apartments. The answer in many instances is “NO” as we usually provide PRE SALES. If we have any ready to live in apartments it would certainly be more expensive.
  20. GRED also provides you: a. “Ready to live in Apartments” Re sale of apartments from customers who have purchased on pre -sales from GRED.
  21. GRED clients have been so satisfied that we have many customers who have purchased from GRED with the recommendations of our old clients.


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